Sometimes we doubted what people really think bout ourselves.
What impressions they have on us.
"If I do this, do that. what will people say."

Let's think about this.
If we continuously think this way.
Are we getting ourselves better?
Why must we fear of WORDS that's spoken by haters?
People hating.

We can avoid being hated.
It's a norm.
But, if people hate you? Do you have to feel insecure? Inferior?
If yes.
Reset your mind.

Back then, I have problem with this.
If I know someone hates me.
It makes me feel insecure.
It makes me think what should I do to avoid being hated.

Do you realize people?
When you're trying to hard, to avoid being hated
You are not being yourselves.
You just acted as another person.
Another person in you.
You make yourself dumb.
Be someone else.
Make yourself a hypocrite.

At the same time, the person who hates you.
thinks that you're losing.
Cause you transformed yourself.
You are not the same person anymore.
You've changed.
Just to avoid being hated.

For me, my personal view.
I just couldn't care less if you're disagree with me.
I think, myself is me.
Me is myself.
Why would I change for people?
If they hate me?
I didn't lose anything.
What do I gain if they don't hate me?

The final say.
Just Ignore them.
Keep being yourself.

If being silent make you feel dissatisfied.
And you think you have to do something.
Fight them.
Fight doesn't mean, punch, kick or kill.
Fight in other way.
Positive way.

I make people's hatred towards me as a motivation.
For me to be better.
I'm not changing myself.
But, reflecting myself.
Because of that,
I improved.
Study, social life.

Till then.

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